200-hour Teacher Training Certification

Our training provides participants with a vast array of knowledge and tools which help facilitate a journey of self-inquiry, personal practice and reflection. We encourage our participants to weave the concepts and ideas learned into daily life in order to fully experience the practices of yoga on an individual level. We believe that in embodying the concepts, participants will naturally learn to share them with others in an authentic way.

100 hours Techniques
35 hours Teaching Methodology
20 hours Anatomy and Physiology
23 hours Philosophy / Ethics / Lifestyle
22 hours Practicum
20 hours Homework / Final Exam




The guided practice of, and analytical training in traditional yoga techniques, including yoga asana, pranayama and meditation. Knowledge of the principles of asana integrated with the details of each pose produces the ability to demonstrate asana with clarity and inspiration. The core of our training includes a thorough study of the fundamental yoga postures and the tools to enable you to teach them to others.

Pranayama and Meditation

Watching the breath is the preliminary step in controlling it. We can then use more advanced techniques to reveal our awareness at the highest level. This involves the art of sitting as well as developing an acute awareness of the timing, location, and character of the breath.

  • Techniques of alignment and precision
  • Principles of organization in the body
  • Simple breath awareness
  • Learning to sit

Teaching Methodology

Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, and business aspects of teaching yoga. Teaching yoga requires a commitment to a personal practice and a keen sense of the human body and psyche. A skilled teacher creates an atmosphere of awareness for the group and remains sensitive to the individual student.

  • Use of voice, body language and touch
  • Learning to see and understand bodies
  • Sequencing of poses, transitions
  • Classroom management and logistics
  • Individualized Adjustments
  • Use of props and adaptations of postures
  • Special Populations

Anatomy and Physiology

Both human physical anatomy and physiology(bodily systems, bones, muscles, organs, etc) as well as energy anatomy and physiology(chakras, and meridiens, etc.) The anatomy section of the training is taught from the perspective of the body in asana in a dynamic and experiential format. Both physical and subtle anatomy will be covered including discussions of chakras and meridiens.

Philosophy / Ethics / Lifestyle

Study of yoga scriptures(Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, etc.) ethics for yoga teachers, living the life of the yogi, etc. The philosophy portion of our curriculum is based on ancient yoga texts, the eight limbs of yoga and the science of Ayurveda.


Actual practice teaching, giving and receiving feedback and observing others teaching. Central teaching elements, assisting and adjusting, using props, voice inflection, and the seat of the teacher are all components of the practicum.

Homework / Final Exam

Homework includes attending 5 yoga classes of different styles and writing a critique of each teacher and class experience from a person, experiential perspective.

Teacher training at Franklin Street Yoga Center with Lori was an amazing experience! This personal journey challenged assumptions I had made of my own capabilities, deepened my practice, reenergized my soul, and built my confidence as a teacher. Not only was the process a rediscovery of myself, but I also found community and friendship with the others in my group and at the studio. The experience also prepared me to teach once completing the training and helped me to understand the business aspects of being a thriving yoga teacher.
Kate Kryder

Yoga Teacher Training at Franklin Street Yoga was a transformative experience for me. It taught me the importance of inner reflection and owning my story. I deepened my yoga practice on and off the mat — and learned more than I ever expected! Lori created a safe, encouraging, and fun atmosphere for our class to learn and grow. I am so grateful for her as a teacher and leader in the yoga community.
Kaileen Sues