200-Hour Holistic Teacher Training

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200-hour with Lori Burgwyn

Our Program will provide you with the skills to become a thoughtful yoga teacher as well as enable you to fully embrace a balanced life. Your Asana practice will transform through proper alignment, intelligent sequencing, and sustainable practices. Awaken your essence to clarity, insight and peace through meditation. Deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy by studying the Yoga Sutras and the history of yoga. Sharpen your mind with Sanskrit chanting. Develop an awakened your body, heart and mind by engaging with the path of awareness.

Not only does this training lead one on a journey inward, but it fosters one’s ability to be present, to live a yoga life and to teach a vast scope of people. You will receive a complete and holistic perspective, effective training and the skills you deserve as a practitioner and potential teacher of this great living tradition.

With a strong emphasis on yoga philosophy and lifestyle, our interdisciplinary curriculum offers a solid foundation upon which to grow as a yogi and citizen of the world. Understand the living yoga tradition and be a part of its evolution.

Guest Teachers

Guest teachers include: Leah Barber (Kids Yoga), Daniela Crandall (Anatomy), Heather Kasey (Inversions), Dani Strauss (Mantra, Chanting, and AcroYoga), and Linda Yu (Pre Natal.)


I have been able to realize many goals as a result of completing teacher training at Franklin Street Yoga Center. Lori’s guidance and coaching throughout the teacher training prepared me to teach yoga confidently and inspired me to continue the study of yoga for the rest of my life!
Kathy Smith

The 200-hr YTT at Franklin Street gave me a greater breadth and depth in my yoga practice, both physically and philosophically. It deepened how I communicate and assist students in class, and taught me how to sequence a multi-level class. Years later, I still reference the notes, books, and materials from Lori’s training, and I am thankful I made this investment in myself and my teaching. I am currently teaching at PYP in State College.
Nicole Crowley

FSY teacher training was an experience that will last me a lifetime. I learned so much about yoga, compassion, and awareness. It was a journey to find my voice and to use it move people. I will forever cherish the community of FSY teachers.
Leah Dias

Teacher training at FSY with Lori was a great journey of personal growth for me. I was able to deepen my understanding of yoga and some aspects of myself. My practice got stronger and I discovered how much I enjoy sharing the art and science of yoga with others. I was lucky to have training with an amazing group of people who were supportive and a lot of fun to be with.
Julia Gamas

FSYC teacher training gave me the confidence and support to start my teaching journey. The environment created in school was safe, full of information, and authentic. Lori is passionate in her communication of what she has learned and is committed to fueling your own passion for your practice or teaching desire.
Daryl Bozovich

Going through FSYC’s 200 hour yoga teacher training promoted my intellectual and spiritual growth, emotional connection to a community, and a greater understanding of health and the human body during a period of transition in my life. Lori Burgwyn’s unique approach to yoga as a means of self development was truly awakening and life-changing. Nearly 3 years later, I still think about some of the concepts we learned in training, including the awareness and rejection of the lies we tell ourselves that hold us back in life from who we are meant to be. Following teacher training I recorded and published an album of original music–something I had been wanting to do for quite some time–and the concurrence of these events was not coincidental! I recommend teacher training to anyone who wants to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of their mind, body, and emotional state, and the connections between them; anyone who is fighting a creative or personal battle; anyone going through a transition in life; and anyone searching for community. It was amazing to be surrounded by a group of such diverse and yet like-minded, supportive individuals during the journey, and I still feel connected to my teacher training cohort to this day.
Anna Rose Beck

My teacher training at FSY was one of the greatest gifts ever given to me. My training began to show me what yoga is truly about, which is coming to know who I truly am and learning to live in peace with my Self. I thank Lori from the bottom of my heart for the love and generosity that she has showed me and the community.
Brooke Robinson

Franklin Street Yoga Company’s teacher training program prepares yogis for teaching in every possible way: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Lori’s teaching emphasizes the mastery of yoga basics, grounded in an understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiolog. Lori encourages students to significantly deepen their own yoga practice and find their own teaching voice, one that is authentic and true.
Tema Larter

The Franklin Street Yoga Center teacher training is a holistic program that allows for learning in a supportive, vibrant, and joyful environment. Lori tailors her teaching and guidance for each individual student to help them discover and articulate what they truly love about yoga and how the practice impacts their own life. This process helps new teachers find their unique and powerful voice and allows them to do meaningful internal exploration and shine their light out into the world. The training is comprehensive and covers the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of yoga as a lifelong, constantly evolving practice. Students can expect to dive deep into studies in anatomy, philosophy, asana, meditation, laughter, service and community.
Dani Strauss

Our lives are occupied by time and the pursuit to find what it is we’re missing. I was looking for something that’s been missing in my life at that very moment. I was bitter with work with all the high expectations and the fear of not being able to meet them. Teacher training was exactly where I needed to be. It wasn’t just about poses, anatomy, and the teachings of ancient sanskrit…it was the understanding of what happiness means. True happiness comes from within you, you can see it through meditation, silence, gifts, love, joy all the items everyone possesses. FSYTT allowed me to open up and see it for myself. The small group setting was perfect, nice size, all loving and wonderful people. The class enlightened me in every way possible. A great wonderful journey.
Nick Nuygen

I completed my 200 hour Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Lori Burgwyn, Director of Franklin Street Yoga Center of Chapel Hill in May 2012. I was exposed to so much including the yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, anatomy, ayurveda and meditation. I learned how to structure a class and Lori broke down all of the poses teaching correct alignment and cues to assist students. When I finished this teacher training I felt more than ready to teach. I strongly suggest jumping into teacher training if you have ever had thoughts of wanting to deepen your practice. I look forward to my next training as yoga is so much more than the asanas, or poses. I definitely plan on more training and hopefully will be able to complete 500 hours in the future. Suggestion: “go for it” you will not regret this decision!!!
Sally Braly

I am so grateful to have shared yoga with the triangle community for the past 7 years. Lori and the FSYC yoga family inspired me from the moment I walked through the studio doors, and the teacher training program gave me the courage to dive in fully to teaching and sharing the art of yoga with people from all walks of life. Not only has the teacher training at FSYC opened the door for me to deepen my own practice, this training has given me the nuts and bolts skill sets to deliver a consistent group form yoga class with a comprehensive base in safe body alignment fundamentals for each individual, a variety of breathing tools/techniques when/where applicable, the art and ability of physical assists for students, further study of the backbone spiritual texts associated with this art form and maybe most importantly, the voice with which to concisely and effectively deliver these gifts to students in a group format. Learning these and other unique skill sets to offer in class is one thing, being able to get that knowledge out of your body, and out of your mouth and in a clear and concise way, is a whole different animal. After this teacher training I knew I was ready and able to get up in front of a room of strangers and have the knowledge, awareness, and confidence in ability to share, in a legitimate way, this precious Art of Yoga.
Patrick Shannon

As a recent college graduate, Franklin Street Yoga Center created the space I wanted to expand into the adult I wanted to be. Lori, my teacher, offered the tools I needed to expand my physical and spiritual yoga practice. Her training helped me see life through a new and exciting lens. I recommend the FSYC teacher training to anyone transitioning in life, anyone wanting something new in life, anyone wanting the opportunity to expand upon their life. The hardest part, I found, was signing up. The rest came easily after that.
Reese Wells

Teacher training with Lori was a life-changing experience. I learned how to effectively teach a powerful yoga class, but I also learned how to be a leader in many different situations of my life. My communication improved and I became a much better presenter. The best part of training with Lori was the amazing community you get to be a part of. The teachers, students, and others training with me felt like a second family, and there will always be love in my heart from Franklin Street Yoga.
If you’ve ever even considered doing a yoga training with Lori….say yes. Jump in. You will not be disappointed.
Samantha Attard


My yoga teacher training experience with Lori at Franklin Street Yoga Company was transformational, inspiring and challenged me in ways I hadn’t expected. I had been practicing yoga for 15 years when I began the training and felt called to deepen my practice and consider sharing it with others. My favorite part of the training was our deep dive into the ancient Sanskrit teachings about yoga. This foundation was so important for me to understand before teaching others and it has shaped how I approach time on my mat and in front of a class. I experienced life changing spiritual, physical and professional growth, made wonderful friends and will always be grateful for Lori and the FSYC community for giving me that gift.   Emily Wilkins




Teacher training at FSYC was a tansformative event in my life. I started the process thinking that I would learn how to teach a safe, challenging, and engaging yoga class. This was accomplished, but the more important knowledge gained was learning about myself. Lori does an amazing job of using yoga as a springboard for self-refection, growth, and building a community of support among all the students in teacher training. Training with Lori helped me become a more conscious and thoughtful person and I am extremely grateful for that opportunity.
Thomas Revelle
I looked back on my FSYC TT application from 2009, where I stated, “In this teacher training, I hope to gain better and more comprehensive knowledge of the asana alignments, as well as the benefits and anatomical focus of the poses. I’d like to learn modifications that can be done in case of injury or for beginners.”  That statement could be the core of any xyz yoga teacher training.   Any yoga studio training, online video or website could give you the toolkit of learning the poses and reciting the cues.  Lori’s training differentiates itself by offering the practice of teaching from day one, of listening from day one, of awakening from day one.  It also offers the intangibles: giving up what you know, finding your voice, and learning how to become a more powerful, effective, and compassionate human being – on and off your mat. As Baron Baptiste once said, “People don’t hear what you say. They hear who you are being.”
Linda Yu
Yoga was my personal refuge, my way of coping with daily stress. Not only did Teacher training with Franklin Street Yoga Center expand my personal yoga practice, the program also gave me the skills and tools needed to help others practice yoga. Becoming an instructor was one of my happiest accomplishments, and as a college student teacher training brought me together with a number of wonderful caring individuals who I am proud to call my yoga family, and I am certainly a better person for it.
Emily Jennings
Franklin Street Yoga Company and Lori Burgwyn changed my life at a time when I was emotionally and physically on a quest to find myself. Lori helped me find my way to my mat and fostered me to use the mat to make the changes in my life I was looking for. Not only mentally and physically, but spiritually as well. When I realized I could come into FSYC and take some time for myself, find my breath and be with my body, my mind and my spirit, it really was the turning point in my mid-life recovery. On top of that, Lori also taught me that yoga is fun. Dance party Navasana, need I say more. About a year and a half into my practice I gravitated toward Lori’s teacher training as a logical progression to my practice and development as a yogi. Lori supported that and took on the task of mentoring and teaching me about the practice of yoga, the history, the anatomy and the sequences to teach a great yoga class. There was a lot of work on personal development and growth, which allowed me not only to talk the talk, but walk the walk. I could go on about many aspects of the teacher training, but the main point is with her guidance, I was able to come out of my training and go right to the practice of teaching. Putting the work into finding myself as a teacher I was able to not only deepen my practice of yoga, but begin to give back to others in the community by teaching yoga. With what I learned from Lori Burgwyn I know that I can go anywhere in the world today and teach a great yoga class, guaranteed.
Nathan Logan
It deepened my practice in the ways I didn’t know existed.  The teacher training is a life exeprience that changed my perspectives in so many ways… it’s a lot more than the physical poses but a soul-searching process that’s filled with laughter, tears, and heart-to-heart conversations.
Yundi Shi
Teacher training at Franklin Street Yoga Center with Lori was an amazing experience! This personal journey challenged assumptions I had made of my own capabilities, deepened my practice, reenergized my soul, and built my confidence as a teacher. Not only was the process a rediscovery of myself, but I also found community and friendship with the others in my group and at the studio.  The experience also prepared me to teach once completing the training and helped me to understand the business aspects of being a thriving yoga teacher.
Kate Kryder
My experience going through the yoga teacher training at FSYC was all about growth.  I could selfishly say that it magically turned me into a better person.  I somehow became healthier, stronger, and more at peace with the world because I stood in front of a room and taught a yoga sequence.  Nope!  All of those things DID happened for me throughout those months, but it really was attributable to seeing that process of growth happen in those around me.  Being in a room reflecting back the strength, creativity and joy that my fellow trainees embodied– that was the true experience of a lifetime.  Yoga teacher training is equal parts connecting with yourself and those around you.  I am forever grateful to my FSYC community.
Emily Bratton
Teacher training with Lori was an inspirational and soul searching experience. It touched on all the pieces of yoga, not just the postures. Most of all, I felt completely capable of teaching a yoga class upon completion.
Elise Stevens

RYS 200, RYS 500, Registered Yoga School