Sage Santmier, RYT


Sage_SantmierSage Santmier, RYT has been practicing forms of yoga since preschool, reacquainting herself in college with an Iyengar style month-long yoga theory and practice seminar. As a budding yogini, she began a daily prop-assisted, alignment-based yoga practice, followed by study and discussion of translations of the ancient Indian epics, including the Yoga Sutras. What followed was more than she could have ever hoped for: she found herself devoted not only to the movement of the yoga asana practice but the emotional stability that came with it, and the inevitable surrender to the greater good.

She continued her journey with a 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training with CorePower Yoga of Colorado Springs. Her love of vinyasa, which means “to place in a special way,” is evident in her instruction of connecting breath to movement. This tool is useful in any and all situations, especially the most trying, teaching practitioners to stay present with all sensations occurring in the body and mind through the breath – to witness sensations and thoughts occurring, breathing with them and through them, rather than defining oneself by them.

Another 220-hour Kunga Yoga Teacher Training with the Wilmington Yoga Center in North Carolina inspired this teacher to balance strong flow of movement on the breath with compassionate restorative yoga and yin yoga surrender. This provides for her students a well-rounded Hatha practice of strong Sun flow and gentle Moon opening. Further, the foundations of “Kunga Yoga” (a style created by Kristin Cooper-Gulak, owner of the Wilmington Yoga Center) are based on yoga as service: service to the community, to the world, and to the Higher Self through one’s practice and presence. This encourages students and teachers alike to reach beyond the mat with their yoga, to offer metta, loving kindness, to all sentient beings, and to shed layers of doubt, bringing lightness and peace to any relationship and moment.

Still continuing her Advanced 500-hour teacher training, Sage incorporates into her classes gentle yoga and meditation as well as Thai Yoga and Shiatsu meridian massage. All of these elements, combined with Sage’s love and devotion to her students’ personal growth, create powerful classes that transform the mind, body, and spirit.

Sage herself loves to create art through the written word and has a BA in Comparative Literature. Her many loves of expression come together in her yoga practice, in which she finds freedom, a full heart, and acceptance of the present moment.