Maria Ratliff

maria_ratliffI begrudgingly accompanied a friend to her beloved yoga class at Down Dog Yoga in Washington D.C. And my life changed. Awed by the simultaneous intensity and serenity of that practice, I returned home seeking heat. I found Lori at Franklin Street Yoga Center almost immediately and began practicing consistently. I explored various yoga styles and many, many studios throughout the triangle. My mind and body ultimatley nestled into Ashtanga vinyasa and Baptiste power vinyasa yoga. I “live out loud” and it’s reflected in my relationships, my personal practice, and my teaching style. I incoporate music, a sense of playfulness, and a bit of daring into my classes because rhythm, fun, and courage foster vitality. (Which is what life is made of!) In class, I’ll continue to draw your attention to your breath–the vitality you take with you everywhere you go. A breath of steadiness, a breath of ease, a breath of fun, a breath of courage…vitality in all its many forms, cultivated and practiced on the mat so that it’s with us off the mat.