Leah Dias, RYT 200

leah_barberYoga began for me in 2002 with Bikram Yoga. I loved the workout from Bikram and the preparation before class as well as the exhaustion after class.

It wasn’t until 5 years ago when I going through a tough year as a kindergarten teacher when I discovered all that yoga has to offer. The mind body connection and meditation got me through even the toughest days as a kindergarten teacher. It was amazing to me how much yoga affected my attitude towards life and work. Eventually, even my students knew the difference between when I did and didn’t get to do yoga. Yoga became an integral part of my life and I simply can’t live without a daily practice.

In 2010, I found the Teacher Training program at Franklin Street Yoga Center and decided to expand my practice to teaching. I find that the power yoga at FSYC not only strengthened my body but also my mind. The thing I discovered (and love) about yoga in recent years was the totality of it all, it wasn’t just yoga and a way to relax or loose weight, it offered a complete change in lifestyle that I was ready to accept.

Teachers who inspire me: Lori Burgwyn, Cherry Foreman, Amanda Hale, Kirsten DeMarco, and Allison Dennis.

Things I love: Hanging out with Brennan (my hubby), music of all kinds, healthy food, exploring, teaching children, my friends, and nature.