Lauren Ford



I started practicing yoga in 2004 as a way to add variety to and rest from my regular running practice, but soon came to consider yoga the most perfect form of exercise. Yoga revitalizes and awakens all of the body, making us feel alert and strong. The physical practice of yoga and the conscious attention to breath foster the body’s ability to relax and dramatically reduce the negative effects of stress. Over time yoga has helped me to arrive at a place where I am better able to accept reality as it is, to feel love and gratitude for all people and all aspects of life. I believe that the regular practice of yoga and meditation can help us to reimagine our lives, to improve our social creativity, and our capacity for true generosity, all of which helps us contribute more effectively to others and find happiness for ourselves. I completed my 200-hour training at Franklin Street Yoga Center in May 2013. I teach a vigorous and invigorating practice with the intent to help students get into their own bodies and experience growth and renewal.