Jason Wozniak

jason_wozniakHealth and wellness has been a passion of mine since I first picked up weights and started running as a teenager.  I received my personal training certificate through the American Council on Exercise in 2008.  What started out as part time position at a local gym as I worked full time in the construction field has over the years turned into a lifestyle/ career.  I enjoy the opportunity every day to meet people and to get to know them better so as to help them reach there fitness goals, whether it be to run a race, loose a few pounds or just get and stay in overall better health. I am an outdoor enthusiast and artist who enjoys long distance running, hiking, kayaking, biking or just reading a book or painting in the outdoors.  I try to get as many clients as possible out into nature as I believe it is more mentally stimulating than sitting in a gym.  Being in nature helps relieve stress and lower blood pressure and I feel it helps to make the workout a more enjoyable experience.

I was introduced to yoga through a friend of mine in 2014.  After practicing yoga for a few weeks I began noticing changes in my running and recovery time but  more importantly how I felt overall throughout the day mentally and physically.  I have since incorporated the practice into a part of my daily routine whether it be at the studio or on my own at home.