Elise Stevens

stevens_eliseFrom a young age, Elise was an active athlete who used exercise as a way to manage everyday stress. After leaving organized sports 10 years ago, she found yoga as a means of managing the mental pressures of life. After practicing many different forms, Elise discovered vinyasa and the practice of meditation, which she found challenging both physically and mentally. However, after only one class, she was automatically drawn to the way it revitalized and calmed her by teaching self-care and self-awareness. Now, a doctoral student at UNC-Chapel Hill, Elise studies the psychological effects of media and uses her yoga practice as a way to disconnect from the ever-encompassing world of being “plugged in.” Through asana and meditation, Elise has changed the way she interacts with herself and the world around her. She hopes to share the gift of yoga with those looking to transform physically, mentally, and emotionally.