Dani Strauss RYT 500 Hour

dani_straussI was born and raised in Chapel Hill, NC and studied modern dance, anthropology, and women’s studies at the University of Michigan. After college, I moved to a tiny island in the south pacific to teach high school. I came home very sick from that year. In an attempt to heal myself physically and mentally, I searched for a new space to start what was to be a very slow process. I found my home at FSYC, where my teachers each authentically held a sacred space for me in the yoga room. Once I committed to a daily practice, everything changed. I quieted the negative voices in my head and started to love myself as an expression of something greater. I felt more connected to others. And I learned to come home to myself… in my body, my breath, and my heart.

Since that time, the universe has showered me with blessings. Cherry shared the beauty of hands-on assisting in the yoga room with me, and the opportunity to give support to our amazing community through this medium has been profound and invigorating. It felt like a beautifully smooth progression as I continued my studies into the 200-hour teacher training at FSYC. Lori has blessed me with a passion for sharing the telescopic elements and benefits of yoga as not only asana, but a way of life. I am starting a new 300-hour training journey in Asheville now, and I am looking forward to continually exploring my role as a student of yoga and the wisdom of the ancient texts.

I am humbled and grateful for the teachers and students at FSYC and the ancient yogis and wise sages who paved the way in this beautiful healing art. It is my deepest intention as a teacher to create and maintain a sacred space for each student to do the divine work of knowing, forgiving, healing, and loving themselves.

When I’m not at FSYC, I love to create and meditate with malas and chant with my harmonium. I work as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the UNC Center for AIDS Research. I am forever thankful for my family, my friends, and my animals for being exactly who they are and for their love and support.