The Seva Collective

MISSION STATEMENT: The Seva Collective was founded by a group of people who practice yoga at Franklin Street Yoga Center and are interested in partnering with local, non-profit organizations to learn about the needs of our community and get involved. We believe in human connection and the importance of serving our environment and those around us. The FSYC community has raised over $60,000 for local, national and international organizations since 2007. Organizations we have helped include Susie’s Miracle Fund, American Red Cross, Band Together, Eve Carson Scholarship, Coalition to Unchain Dogs, EqualityNC, Africa Yoga Project, Food Bank of Central North Carolina, Durham Rescue Mission, and PORCH.


More about us:
Seva¬†is the yogic concept of true service. Although it is built on the philosophy and practice of yoga, the Seva Collective offers an open space for anyone interested in learning about opportunities to serve our local community, whether it’s a one-time activity or regular, long-term commitment. Each month, we support a local organization to learn about its needs and opportunities to engage in true service.
The Seva Collective knows human connection means encouragement. Come to meet others eager to serve. Come to learn more about our diverse community. You are never pressured to serve, but we hope you decide to get involved.