Love notes and praise

Below are just some of the things people are saying about FSYC

As a college and professional athlete, vinyasa yoga has helped me tremendously; not only on my flexibility, but especially my leg strength. Lori has been very helpful in pushing me and guiding me along in my yoga practice to make sure that I am constantly getting better. It has been a great experience and I would recommend it to any college or professional athlete who is trying to become a more well-rounded player.”~ Connor Barth, UNC place kicker (2004 – 2007), Kansas City Chiefs Place Kicker (2008)Tampa Bay Buccaneers Place Kicker (2009 -2014)Denver Broncos Kicker (2014-2016) Chicago Bears Kicker 2016-present.

fsyc4“Thanks for being such a fabulous teacher, Lori. We both really enjoy your class.”~ Jennifer & Courtney L.

“I had taken a few classes before meeting Lori, but never considered myself to have a Yoga practice. Lori helped me develop a practice, which is now an important part of my physical, mental, and personal well-being. I started taking Yoga for exercise, and Lori’s Power Yoga classes build strength and flexibility. But Lori’s style of teaching allows students to take whatever they want from each class. Each class can offer a great workout, a time to calm down, or an opportunity for personal growth.”~ Owen F.

“Thanks Lori, for being such a great and inspiring teacher!”~ Janice K.

“It has been a tremendous gift to practice yoga with you this year. Your classes were both challenging and healing. They were always bright spots in my week. I pushed myself further in your class than I ever had in other classes — that had much to do with your encouraging manner. I also really enjoy your contemplative stories and anecdotes.”~ With deepest thanks, Amy W.

“Power yoga has truly been a life altering experience for me. Lori’s classes have challenged me both physically and spiritually. I have learned through my practice to view the world and myself in a whole new light. I am always trying to convert anyone and everyone to at least give Power Yoga a try. I try to help them understand how it could and can change their life. Thank you Lori for being such an inspirational force in my life.”~ Linda G.

fsyc3“Thank you for encouraging all of us to be more open and present. Your classes make such a difference in my life!”~ Will O.

“ I wanted to thank you for all you have done in my life. Coming to class every week has made me feel stronger, healthier, and more alive. I love how giving you are to the class and how you can make a single class thought-provoking, energizing, an fun at the same time. You have really made my semester brighter.”~ Jacob B.

“Just a huge thank you for the amazing classes I get every time I come to Chapel Hill to visit family. The incredible feeling I get after every one of the classes I have taken (I wish were more, but I am an out of towner!) has been incredible. I work harder in class than any I have taken (and I am an OLD practicer, don’t even want to count the years!?) and the results are wonderful.”~ Jane W.

“ Your studio is terrific. My feeling about your studio is that it is incredibly welcoming, especially for people who are not experienced doing yoga. The other thing that I really like is an apparent emphasis on teaching. The instructors really are terrific at explaining the different poses with cues that make intuitive sense. The focus is on the student experience rather than the instructor experience. You and your instructors tend to walk around and guide the students as the highest priority, which really makes a lot of sense. Thanks for providing such a great experience.”~ Mike S.

fsyc10“Just a note to say how much I love your classes. Not only for the physical movement, but for the spiritual perspective you weave through your classes. Yoga has changed my life in so many ways-inside and out. Thank you for being a great teacher and guide.”~ Mary R.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated my experience with you yesterday. I found your web site online and though it was very inviting, nothing could have prepared me for the warmth and spiritual affection I found in my practice at your studio. You were talking directly to me when you said to us that we are where we need to be at that moment because we are where we are supposed to be at that particular time in our life. I owe my sanity to the spiritual realignment I acquired through your patience and loving energy. You will see me again in the months to come. Thank you for a little inner peace and unconditional acceptance.”~ Jonathan P.